What I've been buying - Stila

Stila are not really a brand I've used an awful lot of in the past however the two things I have used, I love. I have the In the light palette and think it really is just beautiful. The liner in the palette is amazing too.

I've been checking TK Maxx for the last few weeks as I knew they occasionally sell high end products for amazing prices and have been hoping to get my hands on another of their palettes. The most recent time I went in to have a look they had quite a lot of Stila products and so I spent an age deciding what to actually buy.

I know I don't like their gloss but that's just because I'm not a gloss girl. They had some foundations that I did want to try but looking at the colours they either looked way too pale for me or way too dark so I decided to leave that too. They had the metallic eyeshadow things that look pretty but personally I don't think I'd use so I decided eventually on two liquid stay all day lipsticks and a brow liquid pencil.

The lipsticks I ended up getting were Carina (top) and Amore (bottom).

And the brow product I got was the stay all day waterproof brow colour in light.