Life | What I'm doing now

I'm still working in my 4 hour job but with it being the lead up to Christmas I'm working 16+ hours a week. I'm really enjoying it and feel like I've settled well into the team.

I've signed off (JSA) for now as you cannot claim when working 16 or more hours a week.

I'm still actively looking for jobs but I do not have the pressure from JSA of applying for anything that I don't want to. Ideally I'd like another part time job so be able to work both and not have to be on JSA. Or I'd like a Monday-Friday job again so I can keep my current job.

I'm thinking about my future. What do I actually want to do? Where do I want to be in a year, five years etc?

I'm researching masters and accreditations for my degree. Although I thought I never wanted to do anything education related again and at one point I even thought I wanted nothing to do with degree EVER again, with being out of education and away from Science for about half a year I'm starting to miss it all.

So I'm still here, plodding along and trying to make some big life decisions. They're partly to blame for me being so absent but I think I'm back!