Stickers I use for my planner


Only recently have I become obsessed again with my diary..And this time I want it to be pretty. Coloured pens and thing I already had but stickers wasn't something I had so I took to Amazon.

Emoji stickers - I love these and kinda don't want to use them because they're so cute.

Christmas stickers! Had to get these because of the time of year, I couldn't not.

These are mostly like party stickers and I've used a few to put peoples birthday's in my diary.

These ones are really random. They've got writing in another language so I have no idea what some of them say but there are some really cute ones too!

I love these ones. They're stamp shaped and each sheet has a title for example holidays, health, shopping. This makes finding a suitable sticker for what I need a lot easier.

These ones I really like too, they've also got a theme on each sheet. The left theme is super market and although these are in French mostly I'm not awful at working out what they mean unlike the other ones I got!