New Year | New me?

I often don't set New Year Resolutions as I just think if you want to make a change in your life start straight away. However at this point in my life I have a few things I want to work towards as so may as well wrap these up as resolutions.

1. Support local business more. I want to buy more fruit and veg from local places and support local people. Buying from big supermarkets may be easy but it can be expensive and does the CEO of that company really need another car?

2. Use my time as wisely as I can. Not working full time hours means I have time that I feel I should be using to help other people. I would like to try and volunteer in a charity shop or get involved in something again local to help people out.

3. One of the expected ones. Lose some weight. Recently I've been pretty much at a constant weight. I'd like to by my birthday (September) be about two and a half stone lighter. I know this was a weight I was much more comfortable at. For me I know that either Slimming World or 5:2 are the best plans for me to follow so I'm going to start the New Year with one of these (haven't decided which yet).

4. Cut out the takeaways. Every now and then would be fine but that's not quite how often I'm getting them at the moment! I know this is not helping with my general health and weight.

5. Drink more water. It's good for all sorts of things and also helps with weight loss. I want my skin to clear up so I'm hoping that more water will also help this.