There's a mouse in my house!

Around 00:30 this morning I saw something run across the floor of my room and realised it was a mouse. I was terrified for ages wondering what to do and eventually ended up cashing the thing and essentially playing hide and seek. I lost. Around 2am I decided maybe it was time I relocated to the spare room and began moving in. After going in and out of my room multiple times and locking my door behind me then reopening it I saw the little thing run behind my desk. So I sat and waited, after a couple of minutes it came creeping out and was exploring. I tried again to catch it and managed to drop my phone on a coat hanger in the process. After getting annoyed at the mouse again as it seemed to be outsmarting me I went to recover my phone from the floor only to discover I had smashed the screen.

Around 3am I got into bed to try and wind down when one of my housemates arrived home from a night out. This meant me chatting to her, a late night call and breakdown to my mum then going to get pizza from the takeaway. By the time we were home and had eaten it was nearly 4am.

I think I eventually got to sleep about 5am and slept on and off till around 9,30. I am currently a very tired and disgruntled being who wants to just sleep! I've been at work today and it was not fun on so little sleep. I'm in for a longer shift tomorrow so hoping to be asleep tonight by about 10pm. Time to settle down for the evening!