Muscle Food

For anyone that doesn't know muscle food are a company that sell lean meat and food associated with providing your body with a better diet (that's my own interpretation).

I've had a couple of orders from them before and think they're just amazing. They often do hamper kind of deals where you can get an amazing amount of food for a knock down price. They delivered to your door in packaging that actually means the meat stays fresh and I just cannot fault the service at all.

This time I got a black friday deal that cost me £55. This is what I got.

- 5kg chicken
- 6 chicken sausages
- 2 packs of diced beef
- 2 packs of lean mince
- 2 packs of 6 giant meatballs
- 2 peri peri hache steaks
- 2 hache steaks
- 2 turkey hache steaks
- 2 rump steaks
- 2 sirloin steaks
- 2 burgers
- a pack of seasoning

To check them out find them here. Use my code HP207618 to get some free things with your first order.