Skin crisis - I need your help!

I seem to be having quite a few issues with my skin. The more I try and up my skin care game the worse my skin seems to get. A few months ago I bought no7 day cream and to start with I really loved the product. A bit later on it broke it me out and so I stopped using it.

More recently I broke out and my skin had dried out a little. I visited the body shop hoping for some products that would help and I posted about what I picked up. I have been using the serum daily and really liked this product, however it seems to have made my skin even more dry and I've come out in spots again. I used the no7 cream again a couple of days ago due to my skin being so dry and so I'm wondering if the spots are just due to using that product again.

However, my spots at the moment are really really painful ones that look like they're here to stay for a while. My dry skin I cannot seem to get rid of either.

I need to know people's holy grail products and what they use together that really works! Please help me out.