What I eat in a day - 22nd December

For breakfast (which was actually lunch ish time) I had a banana and a pint of water.

While I was waiting for my lunch to cook I had a caramel latte macchiato and some chocolates. It is Christmas after all!

Lunch was this amazing thing! I had lots of bits and bobs to use up so decided to try and use them all in one meal. The result: chicken topped with pesto, tomatoes and cheese and roasted pepper, onion, potato and garlic. Followed by some more chocolates and a cup of tea.

I had a pint of squash before heading out to work.

After work at around 10.30pm I had a spanish omelette. Three eggs, a tin of tuna, some boiled potatoes and I threw on some bacon I had left in the fridge. I put ketchup on this and washed it down with another pint of squash.

I am actually quite happy with the food I ate. If I'd not had so much chocolate then the day would have been a day for me to be proud of! It is Christmas time though and I can't deprive myself of everything...