Life | My Christmas plans

I have two more days at work that stand in the way of me going to visit my parents. An eight hour shift and a four hour shift.

I've not packed anything to go there yet and I've not even booked any train tickets.

I have a room to clean, a hamster cage to clean and sorting to do. But I'm looking forward to having a few days relaxing with family, eating lots of food, watching lot of crappy telly and having some time out.

I've been working a lot recently, I'm not complaining. I like my job and I'm grateful for the hours but working only a few hours a day is annoying. It means working everything around your working hours and really means that although I do have a lot of hours of day to do other things..I don't. So I'm excited for some time out and some time to actually do what I want and not have to base my days around going to work.