W - What makes me happy?

Recently it's been really important for to remember things that make me happy. Not because I'm depressed or anything, just because life has been crazy busy and keeping these things at the front of my mind is keeping me from going stir crazy.

Firstly food and cooking. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen when I'm supposed to be sat in front of a computer. It keeps me calm and of course there are other benefits too.

Make up. Although I don't really wear it in the house, sometimes taking time out and playing with new make up or trying new things is a good way of having a break. I love experimenting with new looks and not leaving the house gives me the perfect chance to try something a bit different.

Reading. This usually takes a back seat when it's term time however more recently I've been making more time to read and I truly believe it's made a difference to my stress levels.

People. In both the sense of keeping away and socialising. I love having time to myself. I can happily spend hours and hours in my room on my own. I do believe though that when trying to do work spending too much time on my own just leads to weirdness. Balancing out time alone with having a few chats with the people around me helps keep me on tract for more hours of the day!