12 Weeks Slip into Summer - End of Week 2

There have been a few days this week which have been absolutely awful. Trying to write a dissertation is feeling like it's the death of me and to say that due to that my diet has suffered is an understatement.

However the last couple of days I've got back into it and I've been feeling more satisfied with the foods I've been eating. I've even been choosing normal coffee over my normal caramel latte or 'nicer' coffee in the hope to lose a few pounds!

My water uptake has increased which I always feel is important for weight loss and I've also tried to up my fruit and veg game. I've been to exercise classes at the gym twice and although I've not been for a run/to the gym again I've been walking back and forth to uni a lot so my general activity levels have been higher than usual.

The dress arrived on Wednesday from www.weirdfish.co.uk and this made me SO excited. It's literally perfect, I love it. I tried to put it on on Saturday but after realising it probably wasn't going to fit over my boobs I stopped and decided I'll give it a go again in a couple of weeks!

Don't forget to check out www.dwfitnessclubs.com who have provided the gym side of the whole challenge.