Jolly Holidays! (I need your help!)

So I've finally got a holiday booked for September and I am reallllly looking forward to it. Cannot wait to get away in the sun and just sit by the pool with a good book!

So I now need your help..
I need book recommendations as I'm rubbish at this!
Also, what make up do you wear when you go abroad? I know in the evenings I will probably put on a full face of the stuff but what is good for during the day when it's hot and sticky?
Finally anyone who suffers from the dreaded chub rub when wearing dresses etc with no leggings etc I REALLY need your help. What can I buy that will prevent this and not leave me in serious amounts of pain?! For anyone who doesn't know what chub rub is A) I hate you and B) My legs are huge and therefore rub together when I walk..this is very uncomfortable in hot countries and my legs come up in a kind of rash..They're just best of friends and can't bear to be apart, yes I's gross.