End of the June Challenge

I've done it again..managed to complete a challenge and shocked myself yet again!

I missed the two first posts because I didn't know about the challenge until day three soo will be posting day one and two answers in the next few days.

July is going to be a crazy month for me and so I shall not be posting everyday..I'm going to aim to post twice a week instead :). This month I'm going away with the boyfriend for Edinburgh for a few nights and cannot wait to get away and to a city I absolutely love! We are planning on going on a day trip out to Dundee too as he is starting uni there in September so we are going on an adventure to explore the area. Also a whole day of shopping awaits! I am looking forward to buying a few bits and bobs for my holidays and maybe some new make up (The make up ban will HAVE to be lifted for this trip!).

This month will also involve continuing to get rid of clutter from my room for the move early August.

Most importantly, July is my month to shift as much weight as I possibly can..I am motivated and ready for the challenge.

Hope you have a lovely July!