Body Image Series - Battling the bikini

This is the first of a short series I have decided to do tackling body image issues from my point of view and that are often portrayed by society. They will be posted on a Monday every week..until I run out of things to talk about (So this may go on for quite a while!)

Sooo, the weight loss is under way, the holiday is booked, the shopping has begun and DILEMMA.

Imagine an English person on the beach sunbathing..are you imagining someone who looks good in a bikini or someone who you think should be covering up? Judging by the amount of slim tanned girls that appeared when I googled 'sunbathing' you probably imagined the same sort of scene as me. I'm at a size right now where I'd love to be able to wear a bikini but not only do I think people would look at me and be offended I'm not so sure I'd be comfortable in one anyway.

I have to ask myself, why am I not comfortable in one? Is it because of society telling me because I'm not slim that I'm not allowed to wear one? That it'd upset people? Or just because it's not something I've done for years? I guess, realistically it's partially all of these things and me comparing myself to other people. I mean I've seen some plus size people who look AMAZING in a bikini but my body just doesn't have the curves they do..


We have all heard the saying 'How to get a bikini body: put a bikini on your body'. Yes I know it's this simple, the fact I'm large doesn't mean I don't know how to operate a bikini and no I'm not going to try and eat it.
On one hand the fact that people may not want me to wear one makes me want to wear one even more as a big FU to society. I mean what's the worst that's gonna happen, I might hear a beached whale joke muttered in my direction or notice that someone is looking at me a little longer than just looking. It's not like I've not dealt with this before I remember once being called a 'hippo', the person who called me it looked drunk - it was the middle of the day and I kind of took pity on him. I know people are narrow minded and often unaccepting of someone who is larger but maybe it's going to take a few of me to wear a bikini and not be ashamed to show people that really..I'm nothing to be scared of.


  1. It's all down to personal choice about how you feel when you wear one; If you feel fine in one it shouldn't matter what other people think. I've never been offended by someone else wearing something that makes them comfortable, and if someone does have a problem with you wearing a bikini? They probably have bigger problems that need dealing with.

    S xo.

    1. That is very true, thanks for reading :) x


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