Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation

It's a sad day when the teeny tiny pot of this amazing foundation I was given as a freebie runs out! But it's okay as I've already taken the plunge and bought the big bottle for an eye watering £28.50.

It's very rare that I'd even consider spending this much money on a foundation but after using the same foundation (Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse) for around the five year mark I decided it was about time I tried some other foundations and experimented.

The little sample was 4ml and was supposed to last for ten days but I'm 100% sure I've had a lot more use out of it than that.. Probably more like the 3-4 week mark! Not sure if I'm not applying as much as they thought you'd need or something but there's no way I need to use anymore. A tiny blob of this foundation goes a long way! For this reason I decided I could justify spending this amount of money and I am so pleased I didn't pass because of the price tag.

As far as I'm concerned it's the best foundation I've ever used (despite using the same one for years I've tried a lot of different types). I'd describe it as a medium coverage foundation and does a good job at covering blemishes and redness before I've even applied any concealer! I feel it gives me a more glowing complexion and makes me look a bit less pale! (Always a good thing!). It's the perfect base.

The only bad thing about this foundation is is drys pretty quickly on your skin. For this reason you have to apply one side if your face at a time really to avoid it drying up and resulting in a streaky look (NEVER a good look). I have found though if you use a sponge and 'dab' it onto your skin rather than a brush the coverage is more even and I think is quicker so stops the foundation reaching the drying out stage.

The back of the box for the foundation claims 'Stay-in-place Makeup SPF 10. For all skin types. This remarkable lasting yet lightweight makeup wears comfortably up to 15 hours, even in high humidity. Won't smudge or come off on clothes, Oil-free. Fragrance-free. Non-acnegenic. Dermatologist-and ophthalmologist-tested.'

Obviously I cannot comment on the part claiming it is suitable for all skin types! However I definitely agree that it's a lightweight makeup and that it lasts well even in high humidity. Even the past couple of weeks when it's been really hot I've not had to re-apply my makeup and I've been happy with how it's stayed during the day.