Tapasya@Marina - High Tea

After Tapasya on Beverley Road has been so successful another has opened on the Marina in Hull. Some of the #HullBloggers were lucky enough to be invited along to sample the High Tea (An Indian afternoon tea).

The Marina itself was definitely not looking the best when we arrived, covered in mist and dark and gloomy.

However inside was much better. The whole of the front of the restaurant is glass and I image on a nice day this provides you when eating with a beautiful view. A lot of the inside is also glass creating a very open dining feel.

We were the only ones there, but I can imagine in the evenings the place comes alive as it fills up.

This is the menu of the food we got to sample. There was also a few other things on the plates not listed so it was a bit like a game of guess the food!

We all got our own stand of food and cup of tea. 

The sweet stuff came on the top - somehow I managed not to dive into this first. They were amazing and very sweet.

This next plate was definitely the biggest guessing game. It was all tasty though and I do love trying new things.

The bottom was probably my favourite. Chicken sandwich and a lamb samosa. 

We were also given plates of fried cheese - who wouldn't love that?!

The restaurant itself is really pretty and looked especially nice with the Christmas decorations up (even though I am a massive scrooge). 

I really enjoyed my afternoon tea and would definitely consider going again in the future if I had something to celebrate - it's definitely a different take on afternoon tea but I enjoyed the difference.