New Year - New Me?

So it's nearly the start of another year. Scarily 2016 is leaving us and to many that'll be a good thing. I think people let bad things overshadow the good and although yes many things I don't agree with or had sad memories of happened this year I'll be taking forward some truly awesome memories too.

Usually I'd say what is the point in making new years resolutions -why bother, I'll only break them in a few days? But this year for some reason I feel differently and there's lots of things I want to do to better's nearly the new year so why not tie them in together?

1 - I want to lose weight. A standard. I've put on a fair amount of chunk over the last couple of months and especially so over the last couple of weeks. I'm saying goodbye to the takeaways and millions of chocolates in one sitting and hello (again again) to slimming world. I know that i'll never be slim and that is something I am okay with but I'd definitely like to feel a bit better about myself and know that I'm just healthier.

2 - I never ever ever thought I'd say this, I want to start running. It'll be more of a shuffle I'm sure and I'll never be able to run miles but I just want to be doing some exercise. I also miss swimming so if I can work out a way to fit this in around work too then I'm going to give it a go!

3 - I want to try and be a better person. Not that I think I'm a utter bitch or anything now but I just want to make conscious decisions and more effort to do a bit more for other people.

4 - Money. I'm not awful with the stuff but I'm not the best either. I would like to try and start building up some sort of savings again as you never know what'll happen in the future.

5 - I want to see my family more. No one is getting any younger, as depressing as that is it's the truth of life. My grandparents seem frailer each time so I want to see them as much as I can. I also want to try and see my parents a bit more as living away from them means (dad especially) I can sometimes go months without seeing them.

I'll probably have broken all of these by maybe February but heck let's give it a good go!