Life - Why does it always happen to me?

After having a lovely weekend away in Dundee with the boyfriend who ruined my sleeping an eating patterns I should have known that Monday morning wouldn't go as planned.

I got home and amazingly was pretty productive...this did however result in me going to bed much later than usual but I didn't feel tired so just kept going. When I eventually went to go to bed I realised that the lines on the ceiling have become more prominent since I've moved in (Or at least I think they have, it could just be my mind playing tricks) so that set me off stressing and caused sleep to not happen for even longer.

Eventually I got to sleep at around two - my alarm went off at something past six and actually I didn't feel too bad. After getting to work I suddenly started worrying that maybe I was meant to be at a different site today (though I was pretty sure I wasn't) but after looking to see where I was allocated for the day realised that infact yes, I wasn't in the right place..

I ran to get my bag and get to the car to go to where I was meant to be and as I was rushing across the car park landed on my arse, grazed my knee and caused my yoghurt to roll across the floor. Typical me! And then I sat on the floor and shed an hysterical tear or two...all before 8.45am.

In hindsight this day was utterly hilarious but just at the time I wanted to get home.