Lydia's Cakeaway

This post is a little over due! Nothing new there.

Lydia's cakeaway is on Newland Avenue, it's another cute little cafe among charity shops and places to eat along that street!

They hold a craft night one night a month - the last Tuesday. I went to the November one and because there was no Christmas meet it was time to make Christmas decorations!

When we arrived I was drawn to the cakes (no surprise there) and the selection of hot drinks. I had a London Fog - Vanilla syrup, steamed milk and early grey tea - it was lovely.

We had some cakes to sample between us aswell - a lime shortbread, lemon meringue cupcake, chocolate cupcake, an oreo and peanut butter cheesecake and a brownie. What I tried was amazing and as tempted as I was to buy some to take home I decided against the idea! (It's so hard to be good when temptation is staring you in the face after all).

I had a really nice evening making my decoration, drinking tea and eating cake - I mean, can you really complain at that? The craft evenings are five pounds for your drink and cake and the evening which is pretty good if you ask me!