It's time to give this another go..

Now I'm sure this will end up having many attempts as I know what I'm like. I know for a fact this year I've posted only a handful of times and some of those have felt forced or to be quite honest have just been a ramble onto a keyboard.

I want to start again and try to blog regularly, I do miss it but sometimes things in your life that were hobbies seem to take over and that's the point where I had to stop.

New years resolution wise - From memory I think I'm still doing nothing I said I'd do.. but we are in AUGUST (how the f did that happen?!) now so I cannot say I'm surprised.

It's just over a month to my birthday so it's time to get the weight loss thing back on the go and see what damage limitation I can do seeing as this time last year I was much much happier.

No goals blog wise, no pressure, lets just see how I go......