Why the system is fucked.. (A late night rant)

And fucked is me putting it politely.

As you probably know, nearly two years ago I graduated with a 2:1 in Biomedical Science and have NEVER worked a job since that's even slightly related to that field. Mostly through my own doing, I didn't know what I wanted to do etc.

As you probably don't know, I recently spotted a position for a trainee/biomedical scientist at the hospital I already work at in a field I decided I could probably grow to love. I applied and was very shocked to make it to interview. My interview went pretty well, I only ballsed up one question and it seemed only managed to make one person seem extremely uncomfortable and no, that wasn't me. A couple of days later I got the call I'd been expecting telling me I hadn't got the job, I interviewed well but my lack of experience is holding me back. Yes, okay something I can understand but 1) that's why I applied for a trainee post and 2) why did they waste my time and theirs even interviewing me if I didn't have the experience required for the role?!

Anyway, I was told to apply for any lab based job, get some experience and then try again. That's all well and good, but, as a 23 year old living on my own and working all the God damn hours I'm given on this earth to earn extra money, I cannot really afford to lose the money I earn from overtime to work a job that's the same level I already work on the off chance another trainee/biomedical scientist job may come up, I make it to interview and actually succeed in getting the job.

The best bit about all this? I'm technically qualified to band five but am currently a band two because noone/nowhere will just give me the break I need. I'm so ready to work hard and pursue a new adventure and it's stuck before the ball has even started rolling. Oh and another thing, I'm pretty sure I've heard that the NHS etc are crying out for Biomedical Scientists - err hello, I'm right fucking here!!!!