January | Where the hell did time go?!

So it's pretty much a month since I wrote anything down to post here. Good job one of my resolutions this year wasn't to up my blog game...

The month seems to have flown by. Points of interest:

1. I got two beautiful cats - I love them lots and they will feature soon I'm sure!

2. My hours at work changed, I now work four long days instead of doing my hours across five days. I had hoped this would allow me to do more hobby related things but so far no luck.

3. With the new year's resolutions I think I'm doing okay?! I've lost some weight, there's been a few moments that have tested me and I think (hope) I've acted in the correct way but alas no run shuffling has yet occurred.

4. Lots of reflecting has happened this month. Sometimes life has a funny way of reminding you how lucky you are but also getting you to speak to people you didn't think you would again.

5. A cat trod poo across my clean floors after I had steam mopped them and my hamster has mastered getting out his cage, chewing through my bedding and pillows and running away when I'm trying to catch him at night when I want to be asleep.

6. Lets end on a lighter note - I rang Nationwide this month wanting to change my savings account with them to realise after a good while I'd rang the wrong bank and should have actually rang Natwest - sometimes my life is a funny fail.