Shampoo - I normally go for the Dove but it was super expensive when I needed some so used the Tresemme instead, I'd definitely prefer the Dove if and when it doesn't break the bank!

Conditioner - As you can see I like Dove hair care products. The Cien is from Lidl and for the price difference is actually pretty good. I'm definitely happy to use this sometimes when I can't afford brands.

Deodorant - Right guard is my first choice but as usual when things aren't on offer I buy otherwise. The Nivea I used to love and for some reason I just don't get on with aswell anymore. 

Shower gels - The Along Came Betty stuff I really like and was using as it was a present but it's not something I'd buy myself just because for the price I feel I could buy something else a lot more worth while. Korres was from a beauty box and it smelled amazing but again shower gel isn't something I would want to spend a lot of money on. Cien is Lidl and does the job and smells amazing - for 33p a bottle this stuff is amazing! The Next one again was a present and Imperial Leather was one I got for Christmas. But after all they're only shower gel!

Make up. My dream matte mousee finally finished. Feel like I've had this for ages and it's not something I will be buying again as I've moved onto things I much prefer. Collection foundation I have already started a new bottle of that I love and the concealer I have also started a new one of. Mascara wise I don't usually buy the same one twice, I tend to have quite a few open but this one had dried out so it's time for the bin. The purple liquid liner I don't know the brand of (it's rubbed off) but this is something I've had for way too long and so it's time for the bin. The little perfume sample is No Matter What and was from a beauty box and I really liked the smell of but when I looked online and saw the RRP of over £100 pound I decided that was definitely not for me!